Jad Nasr is a versatile composer & guitar player from Beirut, Lebanon.

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Jad Nasr - photo by Emile Issa

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About 6-String Depression ( iTunes / Amazon / Facebook)

6-String Depression is an electro-acoustic world music / jazz studio album, recorded in 2013-2104 in Beirut Lebanon. Currently a second album is in the making and being recorded at Audio Addicts in Hamra, Lebanon. The album contains 9 tracks, from which 3 are acoustic guitar finger style pieces. The remaining pieces merge acoustic strumming, double bass and brass melodies. All tracks and guitars were written and performed by Jad Nasr, with the listed below musicians’ contributions.

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Album Credits

Recorded and mixed at Audio Addicts (Beirut, LB) by Jean Madani and Ramzi Shams. Produced by Jad Nasr & Jean Madani. Mastered by Khalil Chahine at Truebusyness Berlin. Compiled by Khalil Chahine at Musigma (Berlin, DE).

Guitar customized by JJ Jamal guitars (Beirut, LB).

Album Artwork by Michel KarsounyPhotos by Emile IssaWebsite and additional cover design by Hassib Dergham.

Track-by-track featured musicians

Sara’s New Found Joy Hassib Dergham, Lety Najjar , Jean Madani
Naked Thoughts Hassib Dergham, Lety Najjar , Ahmed Nazmi
6 String Depression Hassib Dergham, Lety Najjar , Ahmed Nazmi
Requiem For The Death Of A Bird Hassib Dergham, Ahmed Nazmi
Love Like A Child  Faysal Itani

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Contributing Musicians

Featured on 6-String Depression

Faysal Itani

Jean Madani

Lety Najjar

Ahmed Nazmi

Hassib Dergham

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